WARNING! DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM TICKETSONSALE !!!WARNING!DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM THIS SITE!100% GUARANTEE IS A LIE ! Why is this company receiving anything above 1 star? This is the WORST company to buy tickets from. They are PRICE GOUGERS to the fullest.Their guarantee is ridiculous and so broad. You will end up paying five times the ticketed price.For example, I erroneously believed that if I paid TicketsOnSale $450 per seat for an event in the Orchestra Area, I would be given decent seats. They informed me that my tickets would be in Sections A-R. Once again, I erroneously believed that due to paying so extravagantly for a service, I would be given the best seats available in that area. I received seats in Row O.I immediately went online and discovered that seats in Row O are still available from ************ and the venue itself for $79. Two seats away from mine. Tickets in Row D are going for $179.TicketsOnSale charged me $450 per seat for the worst tickets available.Convenience? ***************** ************** Hardly!I am astonished that a company such as this remains in business. ****** results should place this company at the end of their results list, if presented at all.DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM TICKETS ON SALE!MOST, IF NOT ALL, THE REVIEWS OFFERING MORE THAN ONE STAR AND ONE-SENTENCED REVIEWS ARE COMPANY GENERATED AND DRIVEN FOR DECEPTIVE PURPOSES.

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